Inbound Marketing

Many successful companies know the value and increased ROI of effective Inbound Marketing. Let our team build a strategic Inbound Marketing plan for you that concentrates marketing efforts aligning all marketing channels around a single message and goal. We start with a compelling marketing offer, something valuable and relevant to your prospective customers. This message then gets promoted through multiple marketing channels.

Channels and Tactics:

Content  Marketing

Blogs, articles, videos, white papers, case studies and infographics offer valuable content in your marketplace that attracts, acquires and engages target audiences — with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content marketing is communicating with your customers and prospects without selling directly. Unlike outbound marketing such as traditional marketing, advertising, or direct mail approach, it is non-interruption marketing that allows your customers and prospects to come to you in search of valuable and interesting information. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering content that engages your customer. The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, deliver consistent, ongoing and valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business, loyalty and referrals. This strategy also helps you strengthen your brand and become recognized as an expert in your field.

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Email Marketing

Stay connected to your target customers with an email marketing strategy designed to remind them why they wanted to stay connected to your business in the first place. Based on your marketing goals, you can spotlight new products, share blog posts, announce company news and industry events. Your customers will value hearing from you whether it's to gain inside knowledge or hear about special pricing. And remember, they gave their permission to hear from you! Our marketing team can turn your email strategy into a cohesive inbound marketing strategy with or without Inbound Automation and remarketing. Give us a call today 205-509-0208.


Social Media

With billions of people using social media sites each month, it's critical that your business has both a social media presence and a strong strategy to build connections with your online audience. It no longer works to open a social media account, post a few times, and call it good. Today's consumers expect and want to interact with the companies they do business with. They also expect to communicate with businesses on whatever medium they use most, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or others. And there are different rules for each social media network. So, how do we help you with social? We strategize, engage and spark conversation. In a fast moving space, we filter out the noise and make sure that you’re part of the community, encouraging a genuine connection between your brand and customers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) builds brand awareness and subject matter authority for your brand and website through an understanding of the science and art of website code and content. This allows customers to find your business using meta data and content that we anticipate. Your website is one of a kind. We research your competitors, carefully analyze how well your current website is optimized and discover untapped traffic potential. Through well-thought-out and best-practice marketing strategies and SEO tactics, we assist you in achieving long-term success on targeted keywords that bring you long-term traffic and customers. We coordinate our SEO strategy with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and website CRO (conversion rate optimization) efforts.

Search Engine Marketing

Businesses from most industries can benefit from the immediate advantages of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. This type of advertising offers you instant search engine visibility, a bonus when you are rolling out a new site or working on obtaining improved search engine visibility. It does take time and experience to successfully manage PPC campaigns in a cost-effective way that provides a positive return on your investment. Our experienced marketing consultants maximize your time and your ROI, letting you focus on running your business. With millions of online ads, strategic planning can differentiate your PPC ads and campaigns from the competition. You need to reach the right customers at the right time and generate a cost-effective strategy with a high success rate regardless of budget. It can be difficult to become an expert in PPC advertising while running a business at the same time. That's where we can help.


Remarketing is a valuable technique that targets an audience that has already been to your website or Facebook page. Strategic ads entice viewers to complete a conversion task and or return to the website or landing page. Since they are familiar with your brand, they already have a level of comfort and recognition and are very likely to respond. Through remarketing we're able to precisely target customers, developing specific niche groups, allowing us to market only to those most likely to respond. When used correctly, remarketing is a powerful way to improve ROI and increase conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion marketing strategies are designed to optimize your conversion rate and generate more leads and more sales from the same amount of traffic. We analyze, strategize and test to increase your market share in both organic and paid search channels. Based on business needs, we take a look at your website visitor paths as they navigate your website. Then we develop unique CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategies that may include improving calls to action, making information easier to access, creating new website forms or adding trust callouts to your website. We'll test landing page conversions utilizing A/B testing, conduct usability tests, examine funnels and continue to adjust and optimize as needed.

Website Updates & Maintenance

We create and manage websites for clients who want to get on with running their business, confident that their website is up to date and found in search engines. Unlike brochures, websites need constant updates and attention if they are going to add value to your business. Outdated information gives the wrong message to clients and potential clients alike. If your website is out of date or if it doesn't work on smartphones and tablets, you're probably missing opportunities. But perhaps most overlooked reason for website maintenance is to keep its core files up-to-date with the most current security patches to prevent or ward off malicious activity.

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