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Part 3/3 - New Nutrition Labels - Opportunity to Update Your Brand

Part 3/3 - New Nutrition Labels - Opportunity to Update Your Brand

Brand Managers - Don't Miss Out On a Great Opportunity to Update Your Brand

By now you know that new nutrition label changes are just around the corner. You may have a good idea how they will impact your redesign, and you may be considering that opportunity we presented in our last article.

Turn This Opportunity into a Brand Facelift.

Most brands hesitate to make modifications because they want consumers to have a recognizable face for the products they buy. Brands may fear losing market share, and this is understandable. We certainly don’t recommend doing this lightly. Which is why you need to start by asking yourself, are there some missed opportunities in your packaging that you should revisit?

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Get Noticed in The Aisle with Impactful Improvements

Branded face-panel graphics can discreetly and surgically evolve with strategic planning and good, professional advice. The key is for this evolution to show a great improvement of the established look, not simple alterations that don’t add anything to the brand. Years ago, we saw brands “enhancing” their looks by… wait for it… adding drop shadows. To everything! True, we still do that — but there are so many other ways to enrich the look of your brand’s face.




Keep a Redesign Manageable.

A redesign can be overwhelming, especially if you have many new ideas. But this is an exciting process, and new packaging and printing technologies have opened new possibilities that previously weren't available. The key is to look at your packaging holistically and in the context of your brand messaging. Rather than taking it one product at a time, refresh your entire product line. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to change everything. For example, you could leave the prime visual and brandmark area completely intact while increasing the readability of the primary or secondary descriptor in subtle ways. Or perhaps your positioning or value proposition has evolved? A new design could make room for a strategic violator or call-out. Look at the changes through the lens of marketing strategy.


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Regardless of the Deadline, Start Planning Now.

Twenty years ago, Orca Design Group helped many national brands usher in the last major nutritional panel upgrade. We saw most companies fall into two groups.

One group decided there was plenty of lead time and waited until the last moment to make critical decisions. Rushing through as they faced press and production deadlines, they hampered the process with hasty decisions. Not only did they have little time to spare, they had to settle for whatever decisions could fit within the last-minute scheduling.

But many other companies embraced the upgrade as an opportunity to make strategic changes across all their lines. They started the process early, planned well and allowed plenty of time for solid decision-making. They enabled themselves to make good branding choices.

Prime Opportunity for a Brand Evolution.

Now that you’re being forced into all-new packaging anyway, the possibility of making key improvements to your branded products is here. Maybe an opportunity for a strategic brand evolution? Call us to review your product line and help you determine how your packaging will upgrade to the new nutrition label. Based on our packaging evaluation of your product line, we’ll make recommendations that are aligned to your brand goals. We'll help you consider all the possibilities.


Update: On June 13, 2017. it was announced that the major upgrade to the nutrition labels on our food has been delayed. Those changes were supposed to happen by July 26, 2018. The FDA said it would give companies more time to make the shift. The agency did not give a new deadline.


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FDA New Nutriton Labels = Branding Opportunity

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FDA New Nutriton Labels = Branding Opportunity

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