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Package Design

Package design has been a central focus and passion of ours from the beginning. We appreciate everything about brilliant packaging and consistently create packaging graphics that successfully elicit positive consumer response and tell our customers' brand story. A typical project involves detailed communications with a brand manager or entrepreneur to define the parameters of the package, the target consumer, the brand message and the appropriate descriptive tags that guide the development of the package. Our many years of working with nearly every type of package converter and printer in the industry has made us efficient at targeting the original graphic development to the final converted printing process. We communicate with the converter as much as needed to fine-tune the graphics, illustration, photos and template to meet press requirements.

Consumer Brands

A retail brand design requires a considerable amount of planning and strategy. It’s not something that you want to put into the hands of a general designer without a great deal of guidance from a brand manager. For example, a grocery store brand generally lives inside a very specific category and is targeted to a specific type of shopper and store. The design of a new brandmark or new brand package-line design requires a good deal of teamwork between the brand manager and the design team. At Orca Design Group, we ask the right questions to establish the baseline for developing a quick concept or a full brand design package that is extendable and completely documented in a brand guide. Depending on timelines and client needs, we can deliver as many targeted concepts as needed to present to a buyer or investors in order to get buy-in or sign-off.

Brandmarks & Corporate Brands

Those who have worked with us through the years know that we are exceptionally bullish on branding for businesses and products. Logos and brandmarks have similar tasks yet very different and separate purposes. We often advise our entrepreneurial retail product clients to establish their business and business logo as a separate name and mark. This strategy helps create better brand recognition — just consider the many examples of successful corporations whose brandmarks have become highly recognizable, ubiquitous symbols of their brands.

Line Extensions

A good package design and brand design are created while planning for possible product-line extensions. Most often, we encourage our clients to design a family of products from the outset. This costs more upfront; however, it creates numerous benefits and advantages by planning for future growth. It allows the design team to work from a much larger view of the line as it relates to competitors and the market. Our product team is highly skilled with line extensions. Nutrition panels, ingredients, net weights, bugs, slugs, templates and dielines are the language of what we do very well. If you are a brand manager, call us to discuss your package design challenges.

Food & Product Photography

We are passionate about food and product images. We believe that images of food should look utterly enticing and just plain yummy; while product images should jump of the shelves. A package has to grab attention from four feet away, in three seconds, through glass, and from a crowd of competitors. The internet has become full of brilliant photographers, both hobbyists and professionals. We take our hats off to all of them. However, since we are package-design specialists, we are very, very selective about the images that are used for packaging. They are completely different from editorial or blog photos. Each detail needs to have purpose; every shadow must be mapped and every color planned. Our post-processing techniques are vigorous and customized to each printing process — litho, flexo or gravure. We learned years ago that this is best done in-house. We work with brand managers from across the country to create images that are used in their packaging — whether we design it or not.

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