Mountain Muesli

A manufacturer of muesli, supporting environmental sustainability

Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Package Design, Sales Material, Illustration, Product Photography

Mountain Muesli, regarded as the best-tasting granola in the region, launched the Paradise Bar, a simple ingredient and delicious, fruit and nut bar, onto national and worldwide markets. The company promotes mountain climbing and supports environmental sustainability. 

Orca’s unique brand process helped uncover the path of the project. We used an updated travel poster style to portray mountain climbers climbing a white mountain to show that they are the appropriate (real food) energy bar for summit hikes or everyday soccer games. The brand’s white platform contrasts with the large vertical paradise bar logo for shelf appeal. 

Along with packaging, we created product mockups and sales materials. The company returned to Orca shortly after to create new packaging for their granola line of cereal.