More Case Studies

Washington Indian Gaming Association WIGA

Services Provided: Graphic Design, Illustration

Washington Indian Gaming Association looks to Orca Design Group to provide outside graphic design support for their internal communications staff. Recently we were asked to provide branding for their first annual gala and fundraiser. Orca Design Group assisted with the naming of the event and provided a custom Native-narrative illustration and graphic design that captured the spirit of Indigenous scholars’ aspirations. We then rolled the design out to social media, email and print graphics for using in marketing the event.

Northwest Salmon Research

Services Provided: Branding, Web Design, Package Design

Northwest Salmon Research is a public/private partnership project to rear, study and release Chinook salmon from temporary holding facilities in locations throughout Puget Sound, with the support of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and Tribal Co-Managers. C.O.R.E. utilizes its partnerships with SAMI (Science and Math Institute) Tacoma Public Schools, Chief Leschi Schools, and local tribes to conduct and share Salmon and Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) educational programs and salmon culture and history. 

Burk Ridge Farms

Services Provided: Brand, Collateral, Digital, Packaging

Burk Ridge Farms believes pasture-based small-scale farming with rotational and natural grazing is good for healthy people, healthy animals, and healthy land. Orca Design Group created a brand that would be the inspiration connecting like-minded people to the farm to buy local food. The owners plans included selling through online sales, local markets, and a limited amount of restaurants and eventually open a store location. Orca worked closely with Burk Ridge developing branded marketing materials that would support them in all of their communication efforts. 

Copper River Seafoods

Services Provided: Brand Redesign, Brand Style Guide, Brand Strategy, Collateral, Packaging, Food Photography

Orca Design Group helped Alaskan seafood wholesaler Copper River Seafoods re-enter retail marketplaces with new branding, standards, packaging and photography. At the time we considered the owners’ lengthy industry history and relationship to the old brand design, to carefully update the brand logo while preserving, yet enhancing, the core composition and elements. Orca delivered a thorough brand style guide that has allowed the brand’s staff to keep all elements of their communication strategies tightly in line with the brand that Orca Design Group helped them establish many years ago.

Charmington Holistics

Services Provided: Branding & Package Design

Charmingon Holistics’s founder is a community herbalist with a brick-and-mortar store in Baltimore, MA who shares her knowledge of herbalism practices online and in-person. The store is a resource for the community, for people seeking herbal health care support, the herbal community seeking materials and beyond– to the community of seekers and alternative thinkers. Orca Design assisted Charmington in designing their brand logo and then bringing it through to their own line of herbal tonics. 

Voda Health

Services Provided: Branding, Web Design, Marketing

Voda Health’s founder is a naturopathic physician. Voda Health was created as a product line and marketing platform and that create energized optimized lives through the use of safe, fast, and effective Vitamin B Shots through onsite and pop-up clinincs. Orca Design Group, through a visioning brand process, assisted in the naming and branding of the business then rolled it out to website. A built in event calendar provides a place to keep clientele informed about where to get the service. Orca also provided marketing collateral that works onsite for table and pop-up events.

Scott’s Select

Brand, Strategy, Private Label Packaging

Scott’s Dental Supplies sells national and house brands. Orca Design Group was recruited to rebuild its private label brand. The new brand needed two tiers—premium and everyday—while remaining tied to the parent brand. To improve brand recall when orange-colored products are reordered, the brand logo was redesigned with clean, bold characters and a prominent checkmark. Hundreds of pieces, packaging, orientation, and substrates have to be packaged effectively. A package design system with a changeable backdrop pattern, font usage hierarchy, custom badges, and flavor callout icons was built to address these concerns.

Disney Cookieland (Disney/Walmart)

Package Design, In-Store Display

Orca Design Group created seasonal, promotional, and daily Disney-branded cookie labels for Walmart’s in-store bakery over a year in collaboration with Private Label brand managers at Ralcorp (now Treehouse Foods) and Disney Licensing. Orca Design Group has worked with Disney’s licensing team before and understands the complexities of finding art that fits the IP theme and product and package goals from Disney’s art archives. Strong rocess management with multiple options regularly resulted in round one approvals and kept the approval process moving smoothly and timely until the printer handoff. In-store signage and aisle shelf strips promoted the new Disney Cookieland product display.